Thursday, April 23, 2009

New yard update

The crew just finished my front yard and I am so pleased with it.

On the quilting front, I've had a severe case of lazy the last 3 days and haven't sewn or quilted a thing. I need to get my rear in gear and do something.......even if it's wrong.

Monday, April 20, 2009

New yard

Since we live in the high desert of California, we get really high winds which blow in from the west.....and our house faces the west. We have a ball park across the street and they are supposed to start building a middle school there in October. Our front yard was gravel with 3 trees. Because of the winds, our yard was always covered in sand. Looked really tacky all the time no matter what we did.
Last week we had a crew come in and take down all the trees which left a bigger mess than we started with and they are back today to start my landscaping. Today they have the tractor and are stripping it down to nothing, then will come back with golf course sand and put in a dry river bed, 6 desert plants and some curbing to contain the sand. He assures me it will look awesome.

This is what we started with.

And this is what we ended with.

I will post pics of my fabulous new
yard in a week.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rose of Sharon is done!!

Whoo hoo!! And it only took 2 full days! I figured on at least 4.

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's coming along!

My daughters quilt that is. I only have 2 more rows to put together on each side then borders, quilting, binding yadda yadda yadda. I really love this quilt. She saw a quilt she liked that was all mostly white with light green and lavender prints but just squares and it had a scalloped border. Will I do the scalloped border........hmmm maybe not.
This one is all done with 6" squares......HST (half square triangles), squares, rail fences, 9 patches, 4 patches, 3 patches and an 18" crazy quilt center square.

And I'm happy to say I am on the last row of the Rose of Sharon quilt!! Will post pics tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rose of Sharon

I have this quilt coming up next and have no ideas what to do with it. I looked on webshots and there isn't anything there. Anybody have any bright ideas??

Happy Friday

I finally finished putting the borders on
this King Sized Dresden Plate. It measures 116" square. Now to come up with some awesome quilting ideas for it. The outside border is 11" and I have something in mind but I will have to enlarge it and see if I can make it work. I'm also considering a couple throw pillows to go with it.
Still trying to get another animal quilt done for a customer. It's a lot harder working with this new machine. I've been quilting for almost 12 years and never had a stitch regulator and I'm having trouble figuring out the best speed for the non stitch regulator mode. On the old machine, I knew exactly what number to use for what I was doing. I hate learning curves. I have to learn everything all over again.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday already??

Where is the time going?? I don't seem to have enough hours in my days anymore...or is it just that I'm getting old?

I started on this quilt for my youngest daughter. She wanted all purples and greens. The one she saw that she liked was all pastel squares with a scalloped border. This is everything that equals 6" finished......squares, half square triangles, 3 patches, 4 patches, 9 patches and rail fences. The center is an 18" crazy quilt block. I think it's going to be awesome when it's done.......and it's a king!

I belong to a sewing and quilting for sale group on yahoo and one of the girls outside Los Angeles posted that she had 4000 yard cones of over 60 colors of thread for sale that she bought from a warehouse that went out of business. I emailed her and she sent me pics of what she had. The thread is 60 cents each and black and white for 1.60 each. WOW what a deal. So I ordered 39 cones. It came today and I have to tell you, I am impressed. A couple of the colors are really close in shades but that's ok, for the price, you can't beat it. I will have to put in another order real soon.
I sent her an email letting her know that I got it ok and would it be ok if I spread the word. She said she had multiple cones of each color so anyone that wants, I can give you her email so you can also place an order. I swear, this thread is almost identical to So Fine. I'm using a cone on the quilt I am working on and it is fabulous.
All the thread is in it's original shrink wrap.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.