Sunday, April 1, 2012


On drafting out an odd block evenly.
Most 9 patch blocks (or any block with uneven numbers) can be drafted out easily and quickly to a measurement that is not easily divisible by a given number.....a 6, 9, or 12 inch block is easy to divide by 3 but what about an 8" block? I will show you an easy way to divide any size block evenly.

Here is an 8" block that I want to make into a Monkey Wrench. What is the measurement for a 9 patch? I don't know and really don't care.

By extending 2 lines on your paper (shown here in green)

Place a ruler with the "0" on the bottom left corner, place the ruler on your extended line to the next highest number divisible by 3. Which in this case is 12.

Place a tic mark at the 4 and 8" measurements.

Using a straight line on your ruler held against an outside line, draw your lines for your division.

Do the same thing with your other extension for the cross measurements.

Here is the block drafted out. Now all you have to do is draw your HST in the corners.

Here is the one I made in 8" x 11" size for our guilds BOM (block of the month.

I am trying to get our ladies to do something different from the norm. To think outside the box.

I hope everyone has a great week.