Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New quilt

I traded my guest queen size bed for my daughter's 2 twins. I had NO twin sized quilts. Well, guess I better make some!!
This is the first one. I started the redwork butterflies a couple years ago while I was visiting my oldest daughter and had to have something to keep my hands and my mind occupied. I had intended to make myself a queen sized quilt but since this came along, I decided to make at least one twin. If I can find the rest of the butterflies, I may make another one for matching quilts.
I screwed up and cut the muslin for the butterflies at 11 1/2" instead of the 12 1/2" that I should have. So I had to draft out the secondary block which was easy. The corners were a problem tho. How to finish them???? This is the process I took for the finale draft.
If I had made one large triangle in muslin, it would have been empty. I knew I wanted to keep with the 4 patch idea that I used in the secondary blocks and filler triangles. Adding a strip
muslin to the edges still wasn't right so I added the other red square and I like it much better.

Now to put the corners on, a narrow red border then a wider muslin border and quilt it.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Boy did we get rain today!!

This pic is of my at entrance to the front of the house.

This pic is at the front door looking to the right of my yard.

This pic is looking out my back door at the left side of my back yard.

And this one is the right side of my back yard. This was all from about 15 minutes of rain. We usually average only 7" per year. I think we got at least half that in one hour. The temp went from 101.6 to 79 in half an hour.
At least I didn't have to water the plants today.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.