Friday, April 10, 2009

Rose of Sharon

I have this quilt coming up next and have no ideas what to do with it. I looked on webshots and there isn't anything there. Anybody have any bright ideas??


Thearica said...

OK..Here's what I have...

SID the flower applique...

Leaf wreath in the center of the flower

Echo the background outside the flower applique

Leaf spray in the green scallops in outer border

Piano keys close together on top and bottom of the green swags

treat all 3 sections of the inner border as one and cross hatch the.

Hope this helps.

sam said...

Incredible! I was trying to figure out how to 'splain this to you ... just like Thearica except I was gonna say stipple the background outside the flower applique! Incredible!

sam said...

oh! and if the swags need some quilting, feather them.

Thearica said...

I knew there was name for those green things I called scallops...LOL

Swags...It was on the tip of my tongue but I could not bring it forward...Thanks Sam!