Monday, November 24, 2008

My new favorite and a visitor

This is my new favorite border treatment.
I draw lines every 2" apart......most borders will allow you to do this.....then I use the leaf template sitting there to quilt lines....sometimes I will add a smaller one inside these lines.

And I just had my favorite visitor. I think this one is the male because I didn't see a tag on his leg. The female has one. He came to visit right after I fed the outside birds......guess he was looking for a meal too because all the other ones took off.


Diane R said...

I like the new border treatment. Where did you get your template??

sam said...

I like that treatment a lot ! Remember it for the next quilt I send you, please.

Great visitor! Did you go back out with more food for him?

Desert Threads said...

Diane, I got the template at Road to Calif a couple years ago. I think gadgetgirls carries it also.
Sammi.....the food for this little guy flew away. Those trees behind him are loaded with "snacks".
I love this treatment also, so quick and easy and you can do lots of other things with it....I just have to figure out some more. I use it a lot now.

DearGina said...

I like the border too! Okand ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD the beautiful bird!!