Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday again already??

Where does time go?? It's going by so fast I feel I'm missing something.
I finally got my brother's quilt top done. It's certainly nothing to jump up and down about but it's manly plaid flannels front and back and I'm going to use a nice thick batting. He lives in Ohio and it's already cold there so I better hurry and get it done.

Not much new going on around here. Temps are low at night and mid 60's during the day.
Quilting has picked up so I think we can start putting some money away for Christmas.
Went to M and L (discount fabric store in Buena Park) Got 11 1 yd pieces of 30's, a couple yards of a cute pastel pillow panel fabric and enough of 2 soft greens to finish the king sized double wedding ring quilts I bought off ebay. I am going to give one to my sis and keep the other one. I couldn't pass them up. One was 39.99 and the other was 29.99. No way I can make one for that.
I've made a couple for customers but have never made one for myself. I guess I can't afford me!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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DearGina said...

hey i bet he is excited eh!