Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday again!

Mark got his quilt yesterday. His boss wouldn't let him take off to test it out. He did last night tho and said it was nice and warm. Good thing, he said tonight it's supposed to get down to 16 degrees. That's cold in anybodies book!!

Did a massive quilt for a very sweet customer. She wanted her son's name on it but not so that he could see it. It's the new French Braid but done in squares and rectangles and all batiks. So I wrote his name and 2008 in one of the braids on the top corner. And believe it or not but I spelled his name wrong. I put Telli and it's supposed to be Terri. I thought I wrote it as she spelled it but I guess I didn't hear right. She is coming over today and should take me 5 min to do a partial reload and redo his name.

I joined a quilt guild with a friend and I volunteered to quilt a lap quilt for them. Had to find a piece of fabric big enough for the backing then I can get started on it after I finish with the reload.

Have a couple quilts coming next week that are huge but they will be done either with a panto or freehand. Then maybe I can work on something for Christmas gifts.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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