Monday, August 31, 2009

Loss of a friend

My daughter just had to have her precious friend, Sheba Marie, of 19 years put down.
She got her at 8 weeks old and she has been her constant companion and best friend through thick and thin, the loss of her dad 6 years ago, and the abuse of a step dad. But she was always there, willing to play, chase cats and rabbits and get her belly rubbed and her "becial treats".
Since Nancy just lost her husband 6 weeks ago to illness, this is especially hard on her. I told her that Sheba has loved her unconditionally for 19 years and that it was time to love her unconditionally and have her put down.
She couldn't walk or stand. She would fall when she tried to walk and yesterday finally started going into convulsions so Nancy called the vet and took her in a day early. It was hard to have to wait the 4 days till her appointment. She had gotten that much worse just in 2 days.
She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge into a better place where she can run and play with her dad.
God bless you Sheba! I love you.

Thought you might like to see a Utube video that my granddaughter put together for Nancy and Sheba.


Freda said...

I'm sorry for the loss of you and your daughters pet and also her husband.That is a double whammy for sure. Prayers are headed to you all.

sam said...

Sending one last (((hug))) for Sheba. The Rainbow Bridge is the perfect place for her and her dad.

Angie said...

My heart aches for your daughter, and the loss of her beloved companion. How difficult this must be at such an already sad time in her life. Just taking it one day at a time is all she can do I'm sure. It just takes time to heal so many hurts and I'm sure you are doing everything possible to keep her company and busy. My deepest sympathy & a hug, and I'll say a prayer. God bless.