Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Works in Progress

I finished my ebay quilt but need to redo the's awful....looked great in my head but didn't turn out that way. I'm happy with the rest of it tho. This quilt only cost me $20 so I couldn't pass it up. You can click on the pics for a larger image.
Next up to finish was Sentimental Valentine (pattern from the 80's) that I started 10 years or so ago. All was done but putting the corner triangles on. Bout time I finished something!
Been a dead business since June but finally started picking up a little. So I've been working at some of my own things for a change.

Helped Joe and Lisa get moved into their new rental house. I am so glad they got out of that dump apartment. The kids need a place to get out and play, especially a 4 year old boy. You can't keep them cooped up all the time or all hell's gonna break loose.


Vicki W said...

I know it's not good to have a slow business cycle but it must be great to be able to work on some of your own projects for a change!

Gina said...

I thin that there is only ONE area that needs frogging. The bottom curves of the center... the rest are fine!!

Desert Threads said...

I know Gina. I was going to go one way all the way around but somehow I got sidetracked. I used a ruler for changing garment patterns that I've had for like 100 years. I know I will use it again. One thing I did learn was mark the whole quilt before you put it on the frame!!!