Monday, December 22, 2008


Last night John had leftover soup for dinner and he didn't give Tazzie any of the noodles....which she she invited herself to join him.
She is so much fun but needs to have her wings clipped again. She insists on visiting when we are in the kitchen or I'm in the studio. She has discovered the pens sitting on my desk and throws them on the flooring saying "Uh Oh Crash".

Our snow is melting but we have a lot left. Now rain is in the forecast. The sky is dark and cloudy so we may just get some.

Got all my presents wrapped this morning. The kids will be over later and I didn't want to have to cover them again. Anyhow, just one more task out of the way.
I still have one of my own quilts to finish as a Christmas present then I have the 3 that came in the other day. She said, "no hurry" on them. But 2 of the women are in their 80's so I think I better get started on them.
Still working on quilts for Angels in Waiting. I have 4 tops done so far and 8 receiving blankets done. Still have a lot more receiving blankets to cut and serge......if I can get my serger to work properly.

John took the folios in for the ladies that work with him. I did one large and one small for each of the 4 of them. Today is cookie making day for them also which he will take in Wednesday.

Hope everyone has a fabulous week.

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sam said...

LMAO at Tazzie ! She is way too funny. Poor John ... but as I remember, he either eggs them on or just enjoys their attention.

Good for you for finishing your wrapping. You KNOW they were just coming over for sneak peeks ... surely not to SEE you.