Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday's Ramblings

Got word first thing this morning that my brother in law (John's older sister's husband), a long distance truck driver, passed away from a heart attack sitting in his truck at a truck stop somewhere in Twin Falls Minnesota. We never got along (36 years) because I married John. The only time I ever heard from them was when they wanted something.......usually a quilt. Have no idea whether we are going to the funeral or not. They live somewhere in Idaho. Will know this evening when John gets home.

Got a book as a gift. I've read it cover to cover. You know what amazes me?? There is possibly only one quilt that may be original!! They took the name of one of my quilts (their quilt is a copy of an old old old quilt pattern, they took one pattern from Bonnie Hunter (almost word for word), one that was published not long ago in American Patchwork and Quilting, and one from Judy Martin. All the other patterns have been being made for generations. How can people get away with that??
Why do they get away with that? Do some people have no conscience?
Also while I'm on my soap box, I've joined a group of people that design and while visiting their websites, I've noticed a lot of old patterns being made......only difference to some is the fabric.
At least mine are originals or I've taken an old pattern and changed the heck out of it.


sam said...

And I say, "Hurray for you!" Now, that probably isn't real original either, but you certainly get my drift. I appreciate your changes to the "old" patterns, no matter how subtle. Jacob's link springs to mind. Don't let it eat at you, Sharon. YOU know and WE know that your patterns are the real thing.

sam said...

And ..... I'm not too sure I'd bother to make a trip to "somewhere in Idaho" for a funeral for someone who resented the fact that my husband chose ME!! Funerals are to show respect .... and this person (and John's sister) do not deserve the respect or the effort.