Sunday, August 24, 2008

For Sammi

Let me introduce you to Flower ( in the rear) and the baby, Buddy. John didn't like the name Bird. Said I would constantly get mad at him for not pronouncing it right.

This quilt is for my sister in law's
granddaughter, Hannah. She is 12 years old
so I didn't want to put juvenille fabrics on it.
I used fabrics left over from my LARR. Now for the quilting.


sam said...

thank you, Sharon ! First about Birrrrd .... darn it, John, we can just send you to Scotland for a bit to learn how to pronounce it! Hmmmm let's see .... maybe you could move on to Cinderella and name him Jacques or Gus=Gus?? Or start a "new line" from Jungle Book?

Gorgeous, gorgeous fabrics you used. I think perfect for a 12 year old and she will never tire of them ... or ever think they are "babyish". Yessirree ..... I be likin' it a LOT.

sam said...

I just read this again and am STILL drooling over the fabrics in the daisy. They are still gorgeous and then some. Ooooh.

DearGina said...

Love the new pal:) I also NEED to make this quilt!!!!

Anonymous said...

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