Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesdays musings

Yesterday was John's 54th birthday. The girls in the office were going to take him to lunch at a local Mexican place but the main instigator came down with a cold so they postponed it till today. They invited me along telling John that he didn't need to go as long as I went.

Putting my browns 4 Patch 9 (I think that's what it's called) that I got off Marchia Hohn's site (quiltblocksgalore) that I started maybe 6 years ago. Still hoping something to do in the background will jump out at me but no luck so far. I'm leaning towards Suzanne's Meandering Magic.

Got Christian's dump truck quilt done, just have to bind it now. I still have ones for his sister and brother to do yet. The only patterns for the Kids Kwilts I have left are an ice cream cone and unicorn. Had to ask my sis in law what the kids names were because I can't find my notebook that I wrote them down in.

Starting getting pain in my lower back.....just a little nagging ache.......on Saturday. Went shopping with my dil and grandbabies on Sunday and picked up the 3 year old (that boy can sure throw some hissies.......wonder who he is related to??) and now my back hurts like hell. Had John rub me down with Biofreeze and it helped a little.

Well, off to work, lunch, shopping for the grandbabies school supplies then back to quilting.

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