Sunday, July 20, 2008


Sunday's are boring!!
My daughter came down yesterday to go shopping. She needed linens and things for her new house and couldn't find them where she lives (right across the border in Arizona) We also went through a bunch of stuff I got tired of cleaning around. Her truck is pretty well full. Then she left this morning. Really hated seeing her go. I really miss having her around.

Working on finishing the tile GFG (grandmother's flower garden) from Mark's blog. I'm half way around the outer edge with the red now......only 40 more hexagons to go!! I have no idea what I will do with this when I get done.......maybe a table topper. Maroon and blue aren't exactly my colors tho. Who knows, maybe I'll give it away on my blog!!!

Hope everyone has a marvelous week.


sam said...

oh sharon .. how can you possibly be bored?? go cut some fabric! go piece a quilt ! go design a block! go find another baby to love! go kiss John .. just because! grab his hand and take a walk ... out back, or down the street, or INTO the camper ..he he he ... get the picture?? I love you and can't imagine you would ever allow yourself to be bored!

sam said...

oh! and now my real question.. where on mark's blog is the GFG you are piecing? I haven't seen a post to his blog since the NJ quilt show ..... am I in the wrong spot??

Freda said...

It was boring here yesterday too cause the boys in NASCAR wanted a Sunday off. Can you imagine? Just kidding of course. Glad you had a good visit with your daughter. Your GFG is looking awesome. Have a great day.

Desert Threads said...

Sam.....he posted the tile flooring in March...on the left side of his blog, he has it listed by months. It was also his son's birthday.