Sunday, June 8, 2008

Here we go again

This is one I designed last year, made in pink and green and named "Pistachio". Offered it the a couple quilt magazines but they wanted current fabrics so I bought fabric, sent it to the pattern tester and she remade it in my fabric. Now to decide on a name and resubmit. This one I'm thinking along the lines of "Boxed Elegance". What do you all think?

Vacation news:
We left here May 17th and spent a couple days visiting with Faye in Nashville. Then we headed for Hollywood, Alabama for my oldest granddaughters graduation. Stayed there for 4 days then headed to Houma, Louisiana to visit my sis in law and her kids. Had a great time there also.
However, the doctor put me on a water pill that my body treats in reverse. We went to the zoo in New Orleans and my legs and feet swelled so bad, I thought I would have to have them take me out in a wheel chair. I just couldn't bend my feet to walk. So, I stopped taking them and now back to normal.......whatever that is!
Here is a family pic. John and I, Mari in the white shirt and the other grand, Jessica.

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