Thursday, October 25, 2012

New rulers

After the first pass

After the second pass

After the third pass
After the 4th, last pass

I saw a wavy border treatment that I really liked but had a really hard time doing it freehand so I came up with a ruler to do it a lot more uniform. It will come in 2 sizes (patent pending). I used the smaller one yesterday on a little charity quilt I put together. The muslin strips were finished at 5". The squares I already had were cut at 3 1/2".

This ruler is really easy to use but does have to be flipped every other time.
They will be available through Leslie Allen at in West Virginia.

These are the two sizes we came up with.


Desert Threads said...

Yes, I see the line I forgot during the 4th pass!

sam said...


helen-mary said...

Good job!