Monday, October 15, 2012

Custome ideas needed

I have this beautiful quilt to do for a customer and I'm completely brain dead for ideas.
The blocks are only 8 3/4" and the border is 10".
I would appreciate any ideas you may have.

Wanted to show you all that have looked, what I decided to do. Thank you Donna for the suggestions.
The reason I went with piano keys is that the colored squares break up the light border.
I wanted to do 1/4" quilting in the blank space but didn't like it by itself so I did a little curvy thingy.

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sam said...

I like the ideas popping up on MQR, but I don't like the idea of piano keys ... that border is too wide. I would love to see one of your leafy or feather or flower vines in it.

Love you!