Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm on a roll now!

One UFO (unfinished object) done and another top finished. Boy Howdy I'm on a roll now!
The blue quilt is one I started in August and just finished up last week. The ugly pink/maroon basket quilt is one I started a couple weeks ago and just finished this morning.

My son's wife took off with the kids on December 20th and moved back in with us.(yeah I know, just before Christmas) and got a restraining order against him. It's killing him that he can't see his kids.
Anyhow, I had made comforters for the twin beds but he is 6'2" so I needed to make bigger quilts. The blue one (Boxy Stars by Bonnie Hunter) is one I started for a friend but decided to make something different so I finished it for him. It's plenty big enough for him. I made the basket quilt for the other bed and finished it up this morning. I used some of the bonus HST (half square triangles) in the corner of the border. I hated to make them and do nothing with them.

I took over the job as BOM (block of the month) coordinator for our quilt guild so I have planned on making the first BOM the basket quilt. I'm not happy with the one I's kinda plain and ugly. I think I will like it better done scrappy.

You know, the more I look at the Basket quilt, the more I dislike it.
Oh well, it will keep the kids warm.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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sam said...

Please tell Joe I am so sorry - and I hope he enjoys his new and "big enough" blue quilt. The basket quilt ... I don't have an opinion on because I don't like basket blocks to begin with ... (I know, I have NO business being a quilter).

Enjoy your new role as BOM coordinator! They could not have chosen someone better.