Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I love giveaways!!


My friend Shannon has a giveaway........don't know what......over on her blog, check it out.

Prayers needed for my son. He is 31 and last night at work he got sick so the guy he works with took him next door to the fire department and they rushed him by ambulance to the nearest hospital (personally I would have walked the extra mile to the other one). He has arterial fib.
His heart rate was over 260 but all other vital signs were normal. He was put in a semi private room today and we are still waiting to see what they do to control it. I know the first thing they are going to tell him is to drop at least 100 pounds. He is 6'2" and pushing hard on 300 pounds.
I know he will be ok once they figure out what meds to put him on but it's the waiting that is making me a crazy person. And I can't concentrate on anything and I'm eating like a horse.

I hope everyone has a great week.


shannon said...

thanks for the shout out!

and bestest thoughts and prayers sent your way...

....are they there yet? :)


sam said...

OMG!! Sharon, please know my prayers are going to help steady you ... and please give Joe a hug from me. You can just hug one of his arms from me ... or a leg even!! I am so sorry to hear this.

Freda said...

Prayers for your son Sharon. Hope he is better today.

Desert Threads said...

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. Joe was sent home today.......thank God! He is to take meds now but I'm sure the scare he had will force him to keep on it....and give up the "chew".

bobbiegarcia77 said...

Auntie Sharon, I am so glad that Joe is okay. Sometimes good things come out of this kinds of events. Maybe it will push him in the right direction, one were healthy living takes a front row seat. Keeping you in my thoughts.