Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another day

Today is my daughter in laws 29th birthday. Happy Birthday Lisa, we love you.
So I went to town and picked up a really cute cake with blue and yellow roses, her favorite colors, and took them to where she works.

All the kids, well, the closest ones, are coming for Mother's Day on Sunday. I think I will BBQ this time. Usually we have spaghetti which I know everyone loves.

I've been making up some stuff for a shop that recently opened in Victorville called Sweet Confections. They came by and got some of my quilts, aprons, totes, table runners. Tried to stop by this morning to deliver some more stuff I made and can you believe it, I couldn't find them.
I'm wondering if this was a scam to get "stuff". I certainly hope not. I know people on the sheriff's department!

Well, the prison was sold to another prison system. The shut down day is June 4th. John still doesn't know if he will keep his job or not. The assistant warden made a comment that he didn't have to worry about severance pay. I hope not. But it may mean moving to Tennessee before we had planned to. Darn the luck!

My friend, Faye, gave me her EQ5 program (quilt designing computer program) so I've been busy playing with it. So far I've designed 9 or 10 new quilts. I just wish I was better at figuring out the computer and it's uses. A friend and I are planning a book to come out hopefully before Christmas. I'll keep you posted.

Back to work on customer quilts for me!
I hope everyone has a great weekend. And Happy Mother's Day to all my friends.

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sam said...

Love you, Sharon. Why are YOU cooking Mom's Day? Hello, Joe? I know you can BBQ.

Keep me posted on the consignment store. Jeez I hope you are not out even MORE quilts !!