Thursday, February 18, 2010


My friend Shannon has linked me to her blog (bless her heart, I just love her) and if I knew how to do the same, and I knew 10 people I visit regularly, I would be happy to do the same.

Been quilting some of the quilts for (hopefully) a book my friend Dianne and I are writing. Only a couple more to go I think. Dianne already has the book written, waiting for me to finish my part so we can get the pictures taken. I'm sorry Di that I am behind but still planning to have everything done by the end of this month.

Also working on some "quilters totes" for an etsy shop that I plan on putting up. These are great bags for quilters, going to the gym, taking your kids to practices or whatever. Nice and big and roomy. I've already sold a couple to customers that come to the shop.
Now if I can just get my quilts back so that I can add them also. And finish up some UFO quilts that are still hanging around.

The weather has been fabulous here in the high desert this week. Still down in the 40's at night up low 70's during the day. I love having my doors and windows open to air the house out after a cold winter. Now to start thinking about spring cleaning. I'm going to hire my sis's grands to come help with that.

Need to start thinking of the pattern I had designed in my head. My granddaughter wants to do her baby's room in lady bugs.....and the pattern name I had in mind is perfect........"Ladybug Picnic". And yes I know it's a girl already.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


sam said...

Great post! And I'm happy for your latest successes. I hope your quilts find their way home, too. And did anything ever come of "our" book collaboration with the no-name one??

Desert Threads said...

Sammi...I got my friend Diane Reichle to do the writing. I got tired of waiting and Di said she knew how. Said she didn't want anything of the book except to be written up as the writer.
I am almost done with the quilts, although I had an idea for a couple more. Told Di that I would be done by the end of this month because we would really like to have it out by April.......a year late.