Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Love Grows Here"

Is finally done!! Since I inadvertantly
misnamed the last quilt, Love in Bloom, I had to design another pattern with this name, Love Grows Here. I was putting the patterns in the envelopes when I noticed something wrong. I had named the other one the wrong name!!
Now to write up the directions and get it going.

I've been absent from blogland because #1 I've been busy with the baby quilts for Angels in Waiting and #2 I lead a very boring life.
Last Saturday was our quilt guild meeting and I turned in all 18 receiving blankets and 9 quilts.
I wish there were some way we could do a fund raiser for Angels in Waiting. I saw the founder, Linda, with Gloria Allred (sp) on tv talking about the octuplets again. There was a financial statement that said the orginization has $3000 in savings and $600 in assets. That's pitiful!

At Road to Calif in January, I traded my work horse Nolting long arm for a brand new Nolting Pro24 and I have to admit, I really wish I had kept the old one. I've had so much trouble with this one.....needles breaking, thread constantly breaking, picky with threads, inconsistant stitching, needle up/down doesn't want to work right, going through so many needles, needle down won't go down all the way.....and I've never seen so much lint in my 12 years of longarming!! I'm losing my reputation as a good longarmer and I'm having to give sizeable discounts.........I hate that! Next time I get what I think is a good idea, someone please kick me!!!