Tuesday, January 6, 2009


On November 23rd I ordered 17 5000M cones of Arc thread from a woman in Pennsylvania. I sent her a check for $84.78 because I don't have a paypal account. She cashed my check and sent an email saying it was shipped on Dec 14th.
After a week I hadn't heard anything so I sent her a message asking for a tracking number. I hadn't heard from her so after 2 weeks I sent another message asking for a tracking number or could she please resend using UPS. I got a message on Saturday that she would reship on Monday using FedEx and would send me the tracking number. I never heard from her again so last week I sent her a message saying that if I didn't receive my order by Monday I would have no recourse than to file a complaint with the postmaster general for interstate mail fraud. I also filed a complaint with the sheriff's department. The deputy tried to call her but got no answer.
I would love to have the thread. 17 cones of Arc will last me a really long time and at $4 a cone, can't be beat. But at this point I won't accept anything less than a money order.
2 of the other girls on our online group also ordered the same time I did and haven't gotten anything from her either but they paid with paypal so they can get their money back.
I advise anyone that reads this to NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS WOMAN.

I GOT A TRACKING NUMBER!!!!! Should have it tomorrow by close of business

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Thearica said...

Could we have her name so we will recognize her before we fall to the same fate.