Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not feeling too well

Not feeling at all well today. Yesterday I had a doctors appointment and he removed a spot on my cheek next to my nose. There were two but he wants to wait to do the other one. Said it would leave a scar if he did both. Oh who cares? Not like I'm going to go join some beauty pagent!!!
My cheek is swollen, hurts and giving me an awful headache. Most of the day I've had a headache, sick at my stomach and light headed. I hope it goes away soon.
When we were little, we went outside and played. There was no such thing as Sun Block, wearing a hat or any of that stuff.........we went outside and played........end of discussion. Now us baby boomers are paying the price for all that fun we had while growing up.

Haven't gotten my mind set on quilting the new/old quilt deisgn. I don't know what's wrong with me. Lack of enthusiasm , lack of work and hard to get back into the swing of it. I remember going out to work as soon as the sun was up and not quitting till the sun was down and I couldn't see anymore. Now it's hard to go out there at all. I hope a little vacation will put me back in the mood.

Speaking of vacation, we are leaving here Saturday morning (the 17th) and will be home around June 2nd. Since I couldn't see any sense in sitting around doing nothing the weekend, we have decided to leave Saturday instead of waiting till Monday. We will go see my friend, Faye, in Tenn then on to Alabama to see my daughter and grands then to Houma Louisiana to see my sis in law. Then have some fun on the way home.

Tomorrow I will post a pic of the new quilt I designed that my friend Sammi named "Hidden Diamonds"


Freda said...

Hope you are feeling better Sharon. Have a great vacation and say hi to Faye for me.

sam said...

you take good care of yourself - and keep that area meticulously clean so it heals well. I hear what you mean about scarring - who gives a rat's? Have a great, great trip and pass hugs on to Faye & Mike from me, too.

Can't wait to see "Hidden Diamonds" actually posted! Woohoo!

DearGina said...

Have fun, and keep that wound out of the sun:)