Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sentimental Valentine

Is finally finished......except for the binding. It has been 22 years in the making. The first one was quilted by hand and after a friend saw it just had to have it so I sold it to her for $3500. But I really wanted the quilt so I started on another one. Everything was done except for the last row needed the corner triangles and borders. I finished those a couple years ago and put the borders on last month and finally finished the quilting yesterday. It is very heavily quilted with a flannel backing so it is really heavy. The neutral blocks are all done the same way as the hand quilted one but this time I was able to do fancy feathers in the heart and birds.
It is for sale so if anyone is interested please feel free to email me or leave a message.

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Freda said...

That is one fabulous quilt Sharon.