Saturday, September 18, 2010

New bed

6 years ago we paid $2000 for a piece of crap Comfort Systems bed. Yesterday we went and bought a pillow top mattress. I think we both had the best nights sleep in 6 years. No achy back, knees, or shoulders. Never could get it to the right firmness. Thursday night, every 2 hours it had to be pumped back up. At one point it was down to 5! Might as well have slept on the floor.

I did get the twin quilt done for Kalina, even a matching pillow case. Still have a long way to go on Chastity's queen size quilt. I decided to make the Boxy Stars quilt from Bonnie Hunter's quiltville site. And it's all in blues.

My daughter, Nancy, has decided to get married again. We do want to spend some time with this young man to get to know him better. He needs to meet all us to find out what he's getting himself into. He may turn tail and run.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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sam said...

Congrats to Nancy! And I sure hope the rest of you pass muster with her new beau!