Monday, March 15, 2010

My mom

Has been gone 41 years today. Everyone that still has a mom, call her today and tell her how much she means to you.

My oldest daughter called last night and asked if I was coming out to Georgia in August. My first great grandchild is due Aug 15th. I've been there for the birth of all my grands, I can't pass up my first great. Mari said it's in the "ruler book" page 148 that I'm supposed to be there. (we make up our rule books as we go)

This is one thing I got done this weekend. I've been making these quilters totes to hopefully sell. They are big enough to hold a queen size top, batting and backing to take to your longarmer, pack up all you need for retreats or take all your stuff to the gym or haul your kids off to whatever they are doing. They all have a large snap closure, ties on the sides and padded heavy duty cardboard in the bottoms for stability.

I hope everyone has a great week.


Barbara said...

Did call my mom today and told her I loved her. We just found out last week that she has Multiple Myaloma. (not sure about the spelling) and so she is getting a spinal fluid biopsy today. All pretty scary stuff. Sorry about the loss of your mom.

sam said...

Love your totes. Wish I could call my Mom. Have you thought about an Etsy site??

Desert Threads said...

Sammi......I'm going to start an etsy shop if I ever get all my quilts in one place again. I'm working on satin baby comforters also.

Nancy said...

Ok so I'm a day late, but mom you know how much you mean to me I try to tell you often. You have definately been there for me through the very thick and thin. I love you all the way to the tippy tippy stars. Even though you piss me off and make me crazy, I wouldn't want any other mother!

Ramona-quilter said...

Oh Sharon, you have to make that trip to see your first "great". You must be so excited.