Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday already?

I've been really busy trying to get caught up on customer quilts since I took a few days off......2 to visit my daughter, 3 to help my neighbor with her moving/garage sale and 2 to go to Reno to adopt a new baby boy.........yep, that's what I told John while he was on his hunting trip. After a minute to make sure he hadn't had a coronary, I told him it was a 9 year old TAG (Timneh African Gray)
He is a beautiful, well behaved little guy that can only whistle and say "good night". I've got my work cut out for me convincing him that Timneh's are supposed to be the best talkers in birdland.
And I also got to spend quality time with my friend Sammi.

The babies, Max and Flower, love to dine out but this might be a little too much.

Quilted the 6th of 7 quilts for my Long Beach ladies today. I'm tired so that will be it for today. Back at it again tomorrow.

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