Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finally a panto!!

I am so tired of custom quilts!! It feels so good to get a brainless panto once in a while. The only hard part for me is deciding which one to do.
Sorry, I should have added that this one is done. It's for this woman's friend, a woman, so I did an old panto that looks like a tulip.
This is the last quilt I have to do before going to visit my friend, Gina, who has graciously invited us to Cambria for our anniversary. We leave here first thing Saturday morning and come home Wednesday, the 10th. However, I have to deliver a quilt tomorrow and meet with a potential new customer.

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sam said...

Hmmm I'm with you on the indecision on this one. There's not much of a "theme" to follow is there! Sooo you'll have to go with man or woman? Utility or (what the heck else could it be??) Maybe even a child? Better make it just a good ol' generic.