Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hopping Mad!!

I joined an online quilt group because a member said it was a fantastic group. Well I found out today that they aren't.
Someone posted about seeing a quilt or a pattern and copying it......is this ok or stealing? IT'S STEALING!!! No matter how you look at it, it's theft! All but one person told her "sure go ahead and do whatever you want. Once it's out for the public to see, you can do whatever you want" BULL!!
Even quilt magazines, and I'm sure other craft mags are the same, there is a blurp in the front that states that the patterns belong to them. You may make a quilt for yourself, a friend or a gift....that's it.
Patterns all tell you up front that they are an original design and not to be copied without written permission from the designer.
If you see a quilt at a show, or whatever, you can not copy it!!!
And to think that I put my ORIGINAL patterns out there, either on my blog or on an internet group.......how many people are actually honest and abide by the rules?? I can honestly say that all my patterns are original or I change the heck out of something before I call it mine. Just changing the fabric does not make it "your original".
How many magazines or books do we open and see an old tried and true pattern made up (new fabric) and it says "designed by so and so"? A lot!
It just makes me so angry that people just don't care if they take money right out of someone elses pocket. As designers, we have to pay to print the patterns, market them, pay taxes etc not to mention the money spent on the fabric, batting, backing, time involved to make the quilt or whatever and the time to draft it out and everything else that goes into it.
Ok I'll step off my soapbox but you can bet your bottom dollar that I dropped out of that group and deleted everything I did or said.


sam said...

Hear Hear Sharon! Now please go post this same message (a copy & paste would be swell) to MQR, MQP, LA Chat & Quiltropolis. Everyone needs to be reminded AGAIN that it is NOT okay to "copy" and call it original because of fabric or anything else! And post it to the forum you left. They need to know, too. Use my name if you don't want to reveal yours to them.

nor'easter said...

Sharon, I absolutely agree with what you said and did over there, but I will truly miss your advice and experience. I have relied on you and the few other professional longarmers in several cases to help me see things from your point of view. It has helped immensely.

I am now providing computer services to my new longarmer in exchange for quilting services. We both love the arrangement and she does awesome work! She provides full attribution to the piecer of each customer quilt on her webshots page and I put her labels on my quilts along with my own. I also include her brochure with each quilt I give as a gift.

If you like, I will post your message on the site you left, but I would certainly understand if you just want to forget them. I, too, removed all my photos and will not be posting more. I have had work "borrowed" in the past and it really stinks. The attitude that they are "entitled" to steal creative product because it is posted on the internet is beyond my understanding!

I wish you nothing but the best!